Ring Repairs

Our expert team use traditional goldsmithing techniques, and are able to repair most rings made from gold, Sterling silver and platinum. Ring claw re-tipping is a common repair, and we are also able to seamlessly repair/replace ring shanks which have been worn away.  Please see below for full details about our repair services.

Example repair services:

Missing stones replaced, claws re-tipped, ring shanks replaced – Silver, gold and platinum

Please request a quote for accurate pricing.

Please note:

If a ring needs to be soldered, stones may need to be removed first depending on the stone. Stones such as diamonds and sapphires are heat safe, but most other stones can crack if heated. To ensure the safety of your jewellery, we remove most stones before repairing rings.

All jewellery will be professionally cleaned as part of our repair service.

We provide a 6 month guarantee for all repairs.

To request a quote please follow this link.