Jewellery Remodelling

A story retained, a new one created. We can turn your fine pieces into your finest pieces. We believe that jewellery deserves better than to lay forgotten at the bottom of a jewellery box, such as pieces that you no longer wear or inherited jewellery that isn’t quite your style (but has lots of sentimental value and memories!).

Remodelling existing jewellery is a sustainable way of creating a truly bespoke item, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to extracting the precious metals and gemstones. We can retain its sentimental value, whilst crafting it into something new that can be passed down for generations to come.

How does Jewellery remodelling work?

To start with, we need to see the piece of jewellery that you would like to transform. Our designers can then discuss the options available. If you have inspiration to share, such as sketches or visual references, then these will contribute to the design process. Once a design is agreed, a deposit (redeemable against purchase) will be taken to secure your bespoke design.

Book a free consultation

Please note it’s usually best to book a 30 minute consultation where we can discuss possible designs and provide a quotation. We will use computer aided drawings or sketches depending on your design complexity. Consultations are no obligation, and free of charge. Click here to get in touch.

Remodelled Jewellery Portfolio

Take a look at some of the remodelling work we’ve done, transforming old pieces of jewellery into something new.

Please note that all items left with us are kept safe, secure and fully insured. (See our terms & conditions)